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Norway - Norvège - Noruega

All the webMulti-lingual: All the web, all the time! [spider] (Oslo)

AltavistaNorsk: Norway and global web search! [edderkopp] (Stockholm, Sweden)

GoogleNorsk: Norwegian language access to sites about Norway and Google's general database! [edderkopp] (Mountainview, California, United States)

MavicaNetNorsk: A multi-lingual catalogue of worldwide internet resources which is edited by browsers themselves - volunteer editors! (Moskva, Russia)

Mosaic FXNorsk: Your life, business, and career portal! (Tucson, Arizona, United States)

Nett GuideNorsk: Lycos's Norwegian search! [edderkopp] (Oslo)

Open Directory ProjectDeutsch: GERMAN LANGUAGE sites about Norway! (München, Bayern, Germany)

OrigoNorsk: Norwegian and world index [edderkopp] (Oslo)

Sun SteamEnglish: Search the world wide web easily! (Lillehammer, Oppland)

Norsk: Internet search! [edderkopp] (Amstelveen, Noord Holland, Netherlands)


Yahoo!English: ENGLISH LANGUAGE sites about Norway! (Sunnyvale, California, United States)

Yahoo!Français: Sous-annuaire de Norvège! (Paris, France)

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